Artist Statement


Sense and nonsense.
Real and the imagined.
Familiarity and the bizarre.

My mixed media and assemblage work gives me broader
freedom as an artist to explore and expand upon these opposites.

My use of pattern and texture, hidden detail and unexpected
imagery reflect personal experiences, broad interests and intimate thoughts.

Perhaps initially inspired by a particular item or concept,
I never begin with a clear view of what the end result will be.
It is the surprise that inspires – and sometimes the mundane or
forgotten can contribute to the creation of a new species.

Motivated, excited and somewhat amused by the seemingly
automatic process of just “doing”, the work reveals itself
piece by piece until complete and beckons the viewer to
……………Look closer and listen to the story.

* The Kinsey Institute
* The Indiana State Museum

*"Spectrum 14: The best in Contemporary Fantastic Art" (Spectrum (Underwood Books))
by Cathy Fenner (Editor), Arnie Fenner (Editor)

*"Gothic Art Now"
by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Author), Brom (Foreword)

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